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Gitanjali Poetry Book was written by Rabindranath Tagore.

Gitanjali written by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore : Mental Stress In personal life. Mental Stress In personal life Rabindranath Tagore.

In personal life Rabindranath Tagore faced a heavy mental stress and strain immediately before the publication of his Gitanjali poem in 1910. A Year after the death of his wife in 1902, his second daughter died in 1903. He suffered most at the death of his dearest youngest son in 1907.

These deep socks from consecutive deaths create in the perceptive mind of the poet a world of new experience. He was thrown as if from a joyful human world into a world of grief. This tone of grief first found expression in his collected poems kheya. He turned from the outside world of the inner world. The joyful perception of love and beauty were converted into a deep relation which is spiritual. Attempt to make a careful embellishment of poetic diction also disappeared. With the help of very simple words and a lyrical flavour he gave full shape to his deep realisation. A new era downed in his colourful poetry career – an age of lyrical poems intended to be sung.

Why is Gitanjali so famous?

The best fruits of this age are Gitanjali 1910, Gitimalya 1914 and Gitali 1914. As his perception was quite novel in this age so the poetic expression of this age was also one of supreme enjoyment. With the help of the English translation of Gitanjali amongst the three collections of songs, he won the hearts of the Western people. The nobel committee anat him with the words highest literary honour Nobel prize in 1913 in appreciation of the depth of thought and beauty of expression of Gitanjali. The poems content in the English version of Gitanjali not taken only from the Gitanjali poems in Bengali. The translation of many points of Khea, Gitanjali and Gitali have been included in the English version of Gitanjali. For that it is not a translation from Bengali it is a free rendering made by the poet.

The excellence of Gitanjali may be considered from two poems:

First from the poem of view of matter and secondly from that of expression. When compared with his earlier poem it is seen that the main theme of this poem is spiritual. Devotion rather than pleasure and tattoos rather than joy reign supreme in beach poems. The tone of self-effacement has fully predominated over his ego here. The world of Gitanjali is a world full of the light and shadow of a mystical world which is beyond the real of the senses. It is partly clear and partly hazy.

What is the main themes of Gitanjali?

Yet this mystic world is not void of beauty. That world was created in imitation of the beauty of the human world which has attained or unparalleled Grace against the background of nature. The poet divide into a see of beauty with a desire to attend formulas beauty sometimes as the symbol of a lady love who is waiting to meet her lover. He has totally sacrificed his self or ego with a desire to unity with the mystical entity. He has created and on thought of world a beauty placing the methods of this expectation against the background of the colourful nature.

There is not an iota of doubt that this deep spiritual relation is entirely his own. But a similarly of it may be found in the mystic realisation of the Vaishnava poets, saints and bowl points of the middle ages. The famous English poet W. B. Yeats, wrote of his own accord and introduction to the English version of Gitanjali having found in it the self-effacing mysterious realisation of Rabindranath. This help him to win recognition as one of the greatest poets of the world.

What is the story of Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore?

The special feature of the expression of the novel subject matter of Gitanjali is also noteworthy. The poet has given as if, an unparalleled image to the Deep reality realities of life in a very simple expression, avoiding the ornate style of his previous period. Gitanjali offers the best example of deep ideas expressed in simple language.

Further, the poems of Gitanjali stir the minds of the readers at once, as the deep language of the soul comes out with sweet music. The poems of Gitanjali are not verses arranged in lines only; they are soul-stirring songs mixed with the lyrical sweetness.

What is the meaning of Gitanjali poem?

‘Bow my head in the dust of your feet’, ‘You have made me known to many unknown persons’, ‘You appear in my heart in many new forms’. ‘In what way you sing, oh qualified one!’. ‘I shall lie on the earth in front of your seat’, ‘I did not wake when he sat beside me’ – are songs in which the expression of spirituality is clear. On the other hand in songs with a lyrical flavour like ‘Spring has appeared today at my door’. Cloud heap upon clouds and it darkens, “Ashar has come again speeding over the sky”. Appearance of the rainy season is seen now amidst men. Are expressions of a deep pulsing of heart passing with lyrical tone against the background of nature.

The world of poetry of a deep realisation of Rabindranath Tagore

In a word, it is very difficult to find parallel in the world of poetry of a deep realisation of Rabindranath Tagore which found its expression in Gitanjali. Rabindranath Tagore’s major plays are Raja (The King of the Dark Chamber) published on 1910, Dakghar (The Post Office) published on 1912, Achalayatan (The Immovable) published on 1912, Muktadhara published on 1922 (The Waterfall), and Raktakarabi(Red Oleanders) published on 1926.

His poems were not only read Bengali-speaking people of India, but also to the Bengali-speaking people all over the world. So the PDF files of Gitanjali poems book is given to the readers on this webpage. Readers can easily collect the PDF file of her book ‘Gitanjali poems’ from this webpage and read it online.

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