Debloker JounoJiban by Atul Sur

Debloker JounoJiban by Atul Sur Bengali eBook PDF. 

The name of the book – Debloker Jouno-Jiban (Devlok’s Sex Life),
Author’s name – Atul Sur,
The book is formatted – PDF,
Pages number of the book – 78,
The book – 3mb,

Author Atul Sur has written the book Debloker Jouno-Jiban (Devlok’s Sex Life).

From the beginning man imagined his body as his own. That is why all the faults of man are the same as those of his gods. This is especially noticeable in the sex life of the gods. The gods had the same deep sexual behavior as humans. The most profound behavior in sexual life is incest. Sexual intercourse between close relatives is called incest. However, depending on the principles of the society in which such intercourse takes place, which is incestuous and which is not incestuous.
For example, in some tribes in the north-eastern part of India, it is customary to marry widows and mothers-in-law, but elsewhere it is incestuous. In northern India, marriage is governed by a set of rules and clans. There is no way to incest between close relatives. Again in the Deccan, marriage between mama-niece and pistuto-mamato siblings is recognized by social norms. Such sexual intercourse is not incestuous there. Again, in ancient times, sexual intercourse between brother and sister-in-law was not considered incest. If the brother was denied, the widow and the bride would be impregnated by calling the other. As a result of such conception, the two main patriarchs of the Mahabharata, Dhritarashtra and Pandu, were born.

We also notice the reflection of such sexual behavior in the lives of the gods (Devata). We have seen the reflection of such sexual behavior in human beings a long time ago. There is a lack of restraint in human sexual life, just as there was in the case of the gods. In fact, we see the gods (Devata) as sensual, lustful, polygamous and adulterous. And Indra’s Devasabha was imagined by imitating the kings of the mortal king. With that Devasabha we do not see any difference between the court rooms of the later Mughal kings or the sitting rooms of the zamindar talukdars and the dance halls of the garden houses. When we see Apsaris dancing in Dev Sabha, we feel as if they are dancing in the hall of Maharaja Navakrishna Dev Bahadur’s Shobhabazar Rajbari or in the garden house of Maniktala of Raja Ram Mohan Roy. In fact, the meeting of the gods (Devata) would be sung by the dances and songs of the brides. Among the famous brides were Urvashi, Menaka, Rambha, Tilottama, Ghritachi, Sukeshi, Manjughosa, Alambusha, Bidyutparna Subahu, Supriya, Sarsa, Panjikasthala and Bishwachi. They were all experts in dance. Their beauty and sexual appeal have always been specially mentioned. They were the pious women of heaven. Therefore, there was no difference between them and the Bar-yosits of the mortal world.

The author Atul Sur has beautifully portrayed in his book how sexual life was cut or observed in antiquity, but whether they are real or imaginary, his real real events. Before publishing this book, the author published an article on the sexual life of Devlok in the autumn issue of Anandabazar Patrika in 1338 BS. His essay titled Debloker JounoJiban (The Sex Life of the Devalok) caused a great stir among the readers.
The author has received numerous letters of appreciation from countless readers, and many have requested that this article be reprinted. The author later published the book with a few more articles of the same genre. The book is unique and touching to the readers. With the first publication, all the books in the first edition of the book were exhausted in a very short time.
So the PDF file of this famous book by the author Atul Sur is given on this web page. Readers can collect this book from this website and read it online.

PDF file of the book Debloker JounoJiban (Devlok’s Sex Life).

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