Bangla O Bangalir Bibartan by Atul Sur

Bangla O Bangalir Bibartan by Atul Sur Bengali Books pdf. 

Name of book – Bangla O Bangalir Bibartan,
Category – Historical Book,
Author’s name – Atul Sur,
The book is formatted – PDF,
Pages number of the book – 449,
The book Size – 15 MB,

Bangla O Bangalir Bibartan has written by Author Atul Sur.

The famous book Bangla O Bangalir Bibartan (Evolution of Bengal and Bengalis) has been written by Dr. Atul Sur. The word evolution is used literally in the text. The literal meaning of the word evolution is change. Evolution has nothing to do with progress or decline. The only relationship is the relationship of transformation.

That is why this valuable book is written on the history of the transformation that has taken place in Bengali life in different eras in the course of time.

The naming of the book ‘Evolution of Bengal and Bengalis’ has another history. The book is written in remembrance of Rabindranath. Rabindranath said, “We read history, but the history that has been prepared by adopting the mass flow of the country, whose various signs, various memories are seen in various places inside and outside our house, we do not discuss what history is, its brilliant idea. We can’t”.

The life journey of Bengalis started from the day of the advent of man. As a result of geological agitation and turbulence, Bangladesh was formed in the Pliocene period. According to geologists, this happened about 10 to 25 million years ago. Humans appeared much later. 5 million years ago today. Before that, there was an evolutionary process in the living world. Ape-like creatures were trying to be divided into different characteristic branches with different symptoms. In a word, the author Atul Sur has beautifully highlighted various aspects of the evolution of Bengali and Bengali nation in this book.

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According to him, Bengalis are a talented nation. His genius was developed through his religious thinking, ethnicity, social structure and culture.

Author Atul Sur is a famous genius of historical history. If we don’t talk about it, the reading of this book will remain incomplete. In 1921, Dr. Atul sur an all-time record by getting ninety-nine marks out of one hundred in the history of the matriculation examination. In 1928, he won the first place in the first class in the MA examination in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Anthropology and got the gold medal and award. Cum Loud received a DSC in Economics with honors. Received CCI Award from Critics Circle of India. She has received the “Sushila Devi Birla Smriti” award from the All India Banga Sahitya Sammelan.
Madhusudan and Rammohan have been awarded the Rabindra Award by the Government of West Bengal. He has also taught at Calcutta University and other institutions of higher learning for a long time. For 34 long years he was an economic advisor to the Calcutta Stock Exchange. For a long time he worked as the divisional editor of Anandabazar Patrika Sangstha.

Regarding Dr. Atul Sur’s study of history, Dr. Kalidas Nag said, “His erudition in composing the history of Bengal is unique.” Dr. Niharranjan Roy has said that even though he is a man of our peers, he is not proud of his erudition. He has been silently revealing the history of Bangladesh and Bengalis.

Author Atul Sur has written 155 books in English and Bengali and has written more than 10,000 articles. Every book of such a great personality and well-known person in the study of history is considered as an invaluable book and is preserved in the libraries of India. Many researchers and inquisitive people from home and abroad read his books for research. In this book, he has logically analyzed the descriptions of the various evolutions that have taken place in the Bengali nation as a result of the evolution of time.
Therefore, a PDF file of the book has been provided on this web page for the benefit of readers and researchers.

Readers will be able to collect the PDF file of the book from this page and read it online.

PDF file of Bangla O Bangalir Bibartan (Bangla and Bangla evolution book).

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