Kapalkundala by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay PDF

Kapalkundala by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay PDF

Book – Kapalkundala
Format – PDF,
Pages – 144,
Size – 3 MB,
Genre – Bengali Romantic Novel,

Kapalkundala novel by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote the romantic novel Kapalkundala.

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay was born on 26 June 1838 in Kanthalpara village near Naihati town in the present North 24 Pargana district. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay was a prominent Bengali novelist of the 19th century. He has been immortalized in the history of Bengali literature for his immense contribution to the development of Bengali prose and novels. He is generally regarded as the first modern Bengali novelist. But as an expounder of the Gita, he is also particularly famous as a literary critic.
He was a British Raj officer by profession. He was the founding editor of Bangdarshan, the first literary paper in the Bengali language. He chose the name Kamalakanta as a pen name. He is called the father of Bengali novels. He is also known as the literary emperor of Bengali literature. Vande Mataram, a poem from the novel Anandamath (1882) by Bankim Chandra, was recognized as India’s national anthem by the Indian National Congress in 1937.

Why Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay is famous in Bengali literature?

Sahitya Samrat Bankim Chandra possessed a unique talent in Bengali literature. With the touch of his unrivaled talent, the nation was awakened to a new consciousness, inspired by the sense of patriotism, embraced by new ideals, Bengali language and literature crossed the narrow barrier and entered the larger arena. With the touch of his genius, the long slumber ended, the traditionalism and philistinism came to an end, the arena of literature became radiant. No longer mercenary, the taste of Bengali’s has changed by relishing pure white restraint and witty humor.
The days of black have passed, literature has become life-oriented, the aspirations of the nation, the problems of the nation’s life have been reflected in literature. A great change took place in the world of literature and culture. Diversity comes in literature. Thanks to his creation, Bengali language and literature entered youth from childhood. He is the originator of the National Mantra, the literary emperor Rishi Bankim Chandra.

What is the name of most famous novel of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay?

Bankim Chandra wrote his first two famous novels ‘Durgeshanandini’ (1865) and ‘Kapalkundala’ (1866). The two novels gained rapid publicity. His contribution to the excellence of Bengali novel and Bengali prose literature is particularly significant. Before him what was meant by Bengali novels were translations of some Sanskrit dramas and stories and some Persian and Arabic stories and they were mainly didactic and moral. The novels were aimed at poetic practice, thorough description of nature, absurd presentation of human beauty, endless fictional accounts and descriptions of the mysterious and supernatural. Bhabani Charan Bandyopadhyay’s Nabababu Bilas (1823) and Alaler Gharer Dulal (1858) by Parichand Mitra were two exceptional works in the modern literary genre in terms of composition and prose style. In characterization, art creation, description, aesthetics and above all Bengali prose, Bankim Chandra went far ahead of his predecessors and established Bengali literature on a foundation which directly influenced the development of Bengali language and literature in the 20th century.

Where was born Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay?

The beginning of modern Bengali literature in the hands of Ishwar Chandra Gupta (1812-1859), the creation-heroism of that beginning, with the flow of time and the needs of the society, one day came to the door of Bankimchandra’s thoughts and expressions. Chintanayak Bankim was a brilliant student. This is how Bankim started his speech while writing an article about the idea of how the language of writing should be. In the article ‘Bangala Bhasha’ he wants to serve the literary relevance of the spoken style or conventional style of the Bengali language. At the same time, His thinking and efforts made a special contribution to the development of Bengali language. Even in the future, his need did not end. Avoiding difficult-to-understand linguistics, he took a firm stand in favor of introducing simple and universally known Bengali. And he also noticed that the contemporary educated-gentleman community was interested in the actual application of Bengali language.
Therefore, he said, “The language that is prevalent in the Bengali society, in which all the daily activities of Bengali are carried out, that is understood in Bengali, that is the Bengali language and the books are worthy of use.” His opinion is also very clear about what should be acceptable to the reader, which should be acceptable to the writer and what should be the language of criticism etc.

Who and when wrote the famous novel Anandamath?

Towards the end of his literary career, Bankim Chandra seemed more interested in uncovering the true nature of Hinduism than in creative literary practice. By the 1880s he was clearly leaning more towards religious practice than literary practice. He sought re-establishment of the moral, cultural and religious traditions of ancient India. His ideas are clearly expressed in Anandamath (1882) and Devi Chaudhurani (1882) and commentaries on Dharmashastra and Gita. He was a reformer of neo-Hinduism and tried to create a Hindu nation.

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Kapalkundala Romantic Novel PDF file.

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