Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa By Kabita Singha PDF

Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa By Kabita Singha PDF. 

Book – Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa,
Author – Kabita Singha,
Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 128,

Kabita Singha wrote the Bengali Novel Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa PDF.

Writer Miss Kabita Singha has written the novel Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa (The Story of a Bad Girl). The novel Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa (The Story of a Bad Girl) is based on real human life. Writer Kabita Singh The change in the society of that time, especially in the Bengali society, is very noticeable. The real picture of the change in that situation is beautifully illustrated by the author through this novel.

Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa (The Story of a Bad Girl) – a fantastic portrayal of the extraordinary novel, career promotion based on father’s of Ruma, as well as the changes that have taken place since his transfer.

In this novel, there is a big difference between the character of mother and the character of daughter & father. At that time Ruma and her parents lived in a flat in Calcutta. Her mother was a college professor. But that job was not done for a long time, Her father had to leave Kolkata and mother had to leave the job.

Then a few years later they moved back to Calcutta (Kolkata) for employment. But when she left his job at the college, she never got a job back in that college, she got a job as a school teacher. If this continues for some time, their family. Ruma has grown a lot. Her father’s job promotion has changed their way of life. Almost every day they have exciting food and hang out with friends. At the same time, drinking and eating meat continues. Her mother didn’t like any of this but had nothing to do as she had to stay together. A few days later, his father was promoted again, this time to Delhi, but her mother did not leave the job with him. Read the rest of the story in the novel Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa.

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Few word of Author:
Miss Kabita Singha is a prominent writer of Bengali literature. She was born on 16 October 1931 in Calcutta, the capital of West Bengal. She started writing at an early age. Her father was Shailendranath Sinha and her mother was Annapurna Sinha. She started studying Botany at Presidency College, Calcutta. At that time, she fell in love and married writer and editor Bimal Roychowdhury against the wishes of her family. Despite strong family obstacles, she never let her will be defeated, she was always a woman with a rebellious spirit. She was a supporter of the liberation war of Bangladesh.

She was involved in the dissent movement in the 1950s. When the whole country was awake in the national movement about Nehru, she was the main force in dealing with the dissenters of women. She was always vocal in the national movement with women and kept her foot in the front row. In this situation she could not finish her bachelor’s degree. She later graduated from Ashutosh College a few years later. She joined as the Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, at which time she was employed as a school teacher for some time. She joined All India Radio in 1965. After joining All India Radio, she was appointed as the Station Director of All India Radio in Darbhanga, Bihar. She was a supporter of the liberation war of Bangladesh so she spent most of her time on All India Radio covering the war. In the 1980s, she launched a number of programs involving youth on All India Radio. In 1966, she joined Bengali literature with her husband and founded a Bengali poetry magazine, Dainik Kabita. It continues to be beautifully expressed through his various writings.

She gained the status of the national writer of Bangladesh through her extraordinary writing. In 1981, she was invited to the Iowa International Writers’ Workshop. The author died on October 17, 1998 at the residence of her youngest daughter Parameshwari Roychowdhury in Boston, USA.

Author Miss Kabita Singha deeply impressed the readers with her unique and impeccable composition. So as soon as her books were published, they would be exhausted in a very short time. This novel book and of her poems was not only restricted to the Bengali-speaking people of India, but also to the Bengali-speaking people all over the world.

The author has written a great novel in this book Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa. This book was exhausted within a few days of its publication. The readership is very much appreciated.
The author’s words match the real life events of the human mind. Each line of this life-oriented novel coincides with the joys and sorrows of the people, with one book after another being published, and the whole published book ends. The book of such an extraordinary novel will be appreciated by the readers of Bengal and for that purpose the PDF file of that book Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa has been given on this web page.

Readers can easily collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and if you want you can also read online.

Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpa PDF

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