Adhunik Europe O Biswher ITihas By Atul Chandra Roy PDF

Author Atulchandra Roy wrote the Adhunik Europe O Biswher ITihas (1871 to 1950) PDF.

The title of book – Adhunik Europe O Biswher ITihas (1871-1950) (Modern Europe and History of World),
Writing period – 1871 AD to 1950 AD,
The format of book – PDF,
Number of pages of book – 508,
Book Category – Bengali History Book, Foreign History,
Language – Bengali,

Atulchandra Roy wrote the Foreign HistoryAdhunik Europe O Biswher ITihas (1871-1950).

Shri Atul Chandra Roy has written the book Adhunik Europe O Biswher ITihas (1871-1950) (Modern Europe and History of World ) (1871 AD to 1950 AD) . The book Adhunik Europe O Biswher ITihas (1871-1950) (Modern Europe and History of World ) is based on the biennial syllabus of the university. The pace and nature of modern European and world history, from 1871 to 1949, has been discussed as much as possible with the help of novice experts in the historiography of this era. This book is being taught to the students of Burdwan University as well as various universities of West Bengal in biennial courses. Author Atul Chandra Ray has developed this book for the purpose of making the students aware of the history of modern Europe and the world and the events of that time.

Although emphasis has been placed on various trends in the history of medieval Europe from 1878 to 1949, the various events in the history of non-European history are well documented. The speed and nature of the history of the Far East and the United States of America has been reviewed as much as possible.
The first chapter deals with the German Empire and the history of Italy, the Third Republic of France, Europe’s economic progress, the expansion of Europe, the Far East China and Japan, the Near East problem, the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles, the history of Russia, the post-war world (1919-1939). And detailed information and discussions on issues such as international security provisions.

Although the book is primarily aimed at university biennial undergraduate examinees, undergraduate honors students will also benefit from discussing many of the important topics covered in the honors curriculum, according to the author.

The book has been beautifully prepared by many professors and high ranking officials of various universities. This book has been included in various universities of India according to the syllabus of the biennial undergraduate class. The book is widely read among readers and students alike. That is why the PDF file of the book Modern Europe and World History is given on this web page.

Readers and students can easily collect and read the PDF file of the book from this web page.

Adhunik Europe O Biswher ITihas (1871-1950) PDF file.

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