Tridiba Bengali Novel by Kabita Singha PDF

Kabita Singha wrote the Tridiba Bengali Novel PDF. 

Book – Pataner Biruddhe,
Author – Kabita Singha,
Format – PDF,
Book pages – 541,
Book Size – 19 MB,

Tridiba Bengali Novel by Kabita Singha

Kabita Singha wrote the Bengali novel Book Tridiba PDF.

Kabita Singha has written the Bengali Novel Book Tridiba. Kabita Singha is a prominent author of Bengali literature. She was a supporter of the liberation war of Bangladesh. She was born on 16 October 1931 in Kolkata of West Bengal. She started writing at an early age. Her father was Shailendranath Sinha and her mother was Annapurna Sinha. She started studying Botany at Presidency College from Kolkata.

At that time, she fell in love and married the writer and editor Bimal Roychowdhury against the wishes of her family. Despite strong family obstacles, she never let her will be defeated, she was always a woman with a rebellious spirit. She was involved in the dissent movement in the 1950s. When the whole country was awake in the national movement about Jawaharlal Nehru, she was the main force in dealing with the dissenters of women. She was always vocal in the national movement with women and kept her foot in the front row.

Readers may collect some notable works of Kabita Singha.

The novel Tridiba is written by Mrs. Kabita Singha, a famous Bengali writer. After the publication of this book, there was a stir in the world of Bengali literature. The author received a huge response to this book among the readers. This book is considered as a unique book for Bengali speaking people. As a result, she used to write a lot of comments and letters to the author.

She never let himself lose. Despite strong family obstacles, she married the man she loved. That man is the writer and editor Bimal Roy Chowdhury. She fell in love with her while in college and got married. She started studying Botany at Presidency College, Calcutta. She was always a rebellious woman. She used to jump in danger of people. At that time he became deeply involved in the anti-British movement in Bengal. At that time anti-British and independence movement led by Jawaharlal Nehru was stirred up all over the country.

As a woman in the national movement in 1950, she led the movement from the front row. She was directly involved in the anti-British national movement and could not finish his bachelor’s degree in zoology from Presidency College. A few years later, he completed his bachelor’s degree from Ashutosh College, Calcutta.

She joined All India Radio in 1965. He was for a long time the home Secretary to the Government of West Bengal. At first he also taught in the school for some time. She practiced literature and wrote poetry stories from an early age. She was endowed with many talents. In 1966, she fully associated herself with her husband in Bengali literature. At that time she established a Bengali poetry magazine called Dainik Kabita. Through this daily poetry magazine he entered her literary world and became known to the public.

Kabita Singha has also received the status of National Writer for her literary works. In 1981, she was invited to the Iowa International Writers’ Workshop. She was associated with literature till her death. Due to his unique composition and depth in Bengali literature, his various works have fascinated the readers. Most of her books would have been exhausted soon after their publication.

Her various books were not limited to Bangladesh and were not only read among the Bengali-speaking people, but her literary pursuits and works of art became known to the Bengali-speaking people all over the world.

As a result, her books were read in different countries of the world. Such a woman writer is rarely seen in Bengali literature. The author Kabita Singha died on October 17, 1998 in Boston, USA, at the residence of her youngest daughter, Parameshwari Roychowdhury.

Her impeccable writings and literatures style attract the minds of the people tremendously. As a result, every one of her books was published again and again. That is why the PDF file of the book is given on this webpage for such a huge demand of the readers. Readers will be able to collect the PDF file of Tridiba novel from this webpage and read it online.

PDF file of the novel Tridiba.

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