Banga Sahitya Parichay Vol-1 and 2 by Dinesh Ch Sen PDF

Banga Sahitya Parichay (Vol-1 and 2) by Dinesh Ch Sen PDF.

Book – Banga Sahitya Parichay,
Author – Dinesh Chandra Sen,
Genre – Bengali Literature,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – Vol.1-23 MB and Vol.2-25 MB,

Banga Sahitya Parichay Vol-1 and 2 written by Dinesh Ch Sen

Banga Sahitya Parichay Vol-1 and 2 by Dinesh Ch Sen PDF

Author Dinesh Chandra Sen has written the book Banga Sahitya Parichay in two volumes. In the book ‘Introduction to Banga Sahitya – First Volume’, he has discussed one of the topics of Bengali literature and language especially folk literature from the Buddhist era and eighth to 12th centuries and shed light on cultural and creative issues. Bengali translations of as many folk literature poems and rhyme collections as possible. Ancient Literature Many parts of Sunya Purana are not the work of Ramai Pandit. He mentions in this book in the Parvarti Yojana section. Muslims invaded in the 10th and 11th centuries AD. It is mentioned in the blank filling. At this time the Buddhists did not call themselves Buddhists, they identified themselves as Saddharma. In the Vinaya-pit it is seen that Buddha himself called his religion Saddharma.

Author Dinesh Chandra Sen recovered one of his rare collections from Sri Haridas Dharmapandit, a resident of Vijaypur village in Burdwan district. In this book, the mantras and system of worship of Dharmaraja are described in detail. He mentions them in his volume. Moreover, Bogra poet Jeevan collected ‘Bishahari Padma Purana’ at Maitra’s house and mentioned the surpluses of ‘Padma Purana’ in this book. Various parts of the Bhagavata composed by Maladhar Bose in the 15th century have been presented in this book. Various parts of Mahabharata written by Krishnananda Bose in 17th century have been recorded in this book.

Where was the author Dinesh Chandra Sen born?

He has served the readers as a special research book on the introduction of Bengali literature in all aspects. Students, researchers and readers will be able to learn and gather information about Bengali literature and its identity by reading this book. Researchers will especially benefit from Bengali literature. This kind of research work is not available in Bengali literature. Therefore, the PDF files of this precious book ‘Banga Sahitya Dhanna’ first volume and second volume are provided on this web page. Readers can collect PDF files of both books from this webpage and read them online.

Author Profile:

Dinesh Chandra Sen is one of the historical writers of Bengali literature. He was the foremost writer of Bengali literature in India at that time. Bengali literature is glorified in his works. He blossomed the historical patterns of Bengali literature through his works. He published many research works on folk culture in Bengali literature through his works. Earlier, such a large research on the folk literature and culture of Bengal is rarely seen. He diligently collected many extinct Bengali folk songs and Bengali hymns by raiding various places. He was a founding member and professor of the Department of Bengali Language and Literature, University of Calcutta. He was appointed as Ramtanu Lahiri Research Fellow and Reader in the Department of Bengali Language and Literature, Calcutta University. In 1921 the University of Calcutta awarded him a Doctorate of Literature in recognition of his work and in 1931 he was awarded the Jagattarini gold medal for his unique contribution to Bengal literature. He retired in 1932 after teaching at Calcutta University for many years.

Who awarded Doctorate of Literature to writer Dinesh Chandra Sen?

We find that his first research book Bangabhasa og Sahitya was published in 1896. He gave a thorough account of the ancient literature of Bengali in this valuable treatise. Bengali language and literary texts are translated into English. Published as History of Bengali Language and Literature. This book is one of his literary masterpieces. He has collected many ancient books from different places and researched Bengali literature. Then he wrote this book.

Therefore, this book is considered as a valuable literary work and literary achievement of his life. He researched the history of Bengal and Bengali and published several books on the subject. Among them, the most important books are Banga Sahitya Parichay, Brihat Banga, etc. He compiled Mymensingh Geetika through Chandra Kumar Dey, another collector of folklore. In this collection, ‘Mymensingh Geetika’ has highlighted the folk songs of the endangered tradition. This attempt to restore the very old and extinct Bengali historical and literary teachings has made Bengali literature proud, Bengali society proud. Bengali literature and Bengali society will remember his efforts to restore the lost glory of this immense Bengali and he will be forever remembered by Bengalis.

Writer Dinesh Chandra Sen was born on November 3, 1866 in Bagjuri village of Manikganj, Bangladesh. It was his uncle’s house. Their home was in Suapur village of Dhaka district. His father Ishwar Chandra Sen was a renowned lawyer. He was working as a lawyer in Manikganj court. His mother’s name was Ruplata Devi.

Education and Work Life:

He did his primary and secondary studies at Jagannathpur School in Dhaka and from this school he passed the entrance examination. In 1885 he passed FA with honors from Dhaka College. In 1889 he graduated B.A. with honors in English. Passed from Dhaka College. Then in 1891 he was appointed as the headmaster of the Victoria School in Comilla. Among the other notable works written by Dinesh Chandra Sen are Banga-Sahitya Parichay, The Folk Literature of Bengal, Chaitanya and His Companions, The Vaishnava Literature of Medieval Bengal, The Bengali Ramayana and The Bengali Prose Style.

Dinesh Chandra Sen is also remembered as the author of many original works. Although less popular among his novels are Tin Bandhu, Aloke Andhare, Chakuri Birambana, Mamuder Shivmandir etc. He also wrote some mythological stories like Behula, Sati, Phullara, Jarabharat. He wrote some beautiful stories about Vaishnava idols Radha and Krishna named Sanjher Bhog, Muktochuri, Rakhaler Rajni, Ragarang and Gaye Halud. The autobiographical book Gharer Katha O Yuga Sahitya was published in 1922.

Banga Sahitya Parichay Vol-1 and Vol-2 PDF

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