Bapu Part-1 Child Novel by NBT

Bapu Part-1 Bengali Biography Novel for child by NBT.

Name of Book – Bapu Part – 1,
Published by – National Book Trust (NBT),
Genre – Biography Book for Child,
Book Pages – 67,
Book Size – 4 MB,
Book format – PDF,

Bapu bengali novel by NBT

Bapu (Bengali) Part-1 novel by National Book Trust (NBT).

National Book Trust (NBT) has published the Biography Book Bapu through Nehru Bal Pustakalaya. Bapu (English) Part-1 novel written by F. C. Freitas.

One hundred years ago today Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (M. K. Gandhi) was born in a small town called Porbandar. The city is as if clinging to the sea coast of Kathiawar. Now the place falls in Gujarat. Mohandas is the youngest among three brothers and one sister.

His father’s name is Karamchand or Kaba Gandhi. Mother’s name is Putlibai. They were Vaishya caste. Gandhi is the surname of the Bene community, but the men of this family were royal servants. In those days there were many desi states in Kathiawar.

Who was Bapu?

Mohandas’ grandfather was the ‘Dewan’ of Porbandar. Later his father also successively became Dewan of Porbandar, Rajkot and Dhankanar. Kaba Gandhi was truthful; Brave and generous. Mohan’s father was the ideal of good governance and morality. He also worshiped his mother for her piety.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his autobiography, “My mother had deep religious devotion. She had simple faith. She never missed a day’s visit to the temple” She also took her son with her every day. Since then, a deep faith in God was born in the son’s pure childish mind. It was from this belief that he later found joy and comfort in his sufferings.

National Book Trust (NBT) – Trying to make people want to read books:

The National Book Trust has been set up to inculcate the desire to read books in people’s minds. They try to do this in various ways by publishing good books at low prices through book fairs and exhibitions. In our country there are not many books for young children to read. Regional languages of the country have long felt this lack.
The number of good books that come out is very expensive. Common people’s children cannot buy them. So that they can buy good books with their own money; So the government has started printing books. Then you don’t have to ask anyone else for the money to buy the book you want.

Who is the Father of Nation?

India is a huge sub-continent. Among them many states, many languages, almost every state has books written only in the local language. So the children of Tamil Nadu state Children of Punjab get very little opportunity to learn about things. The opposite is also true. But all are residents of the same country. If children of all states of India get the opportunity to read the same book; Then they will know each other. As a result, an intimacy will develop between them.

The Ministry of Education and youth-welfare body National Book Trust has been tasked to carry out this work through Nehru Bal Pustakalaya. These books will be published simultaneously in all Indian languages to supplement the text list. Books suitable for readers of different ages will come out. Renowned authors will write these books. There will be lots of pictures.

Who was Kaba Gandhi?

The book is an illustrated biography of Mahatma Gandhi published by the National Book Trust through Nehru Bal Pustakalaya. The book was published just in the centenary year of Gandhiji. I think children will enjoy this book and all its subsequent releases to their heart’s content.

So the pdf file of Bapu part -1 book for children and readers of different ages is given on this web page. Children and readers of different ages can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Bapu Part-1 Child Novel by NBT pdf file.

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