Chhotoder Rabindra Rachanabali Vol-1 edited by Debiprasad Bandyopadhyay

Chhotoder Rabindra Rachanabali Vol-1 edited by Debiprasad Bandyopadhyay PDF

Book – Chhotoder Rabindra Rachanabali Vol-1
Edited by by Debiprasad Bandyopadhyay
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 598,
Book Size – 20 MB,

Chhotoder Rabindra Rachanabali V-1 edited by Debiprasad Bandyopadhyay

The book ‘Chhotoder Rabindra Rachanabali’ is edited by writer Debiprasad Bandyopadhyay.

There was a time in India when children had only textbook poems and stories to say Rabindranath. A lucky person would get the whole savings. After the release of the centenary edition of his works, some very lucky children and teenagers got the chance to turn the pages of the book. The release of an affordable edition of his works published by Visva Bharati is also a privilege for some.

But the children never had such access to the complete works of Rabindranath and even today, the elders expressed their fear that the book might not remain intact if it falls into their hands. On his 150th birthday, Shishu Kishore Academy decided to deliver Rabindranath to children besides organizing various events.

For the little ones, all his creations wrapped in two mulat and handed over to them will be the best gift of their life. To achieve that goal, it was decided on behalf of Bangla Sahitya Academy to form an editorial board with some experts and request them to implement this great activity.

A new Rabindranath was discovered while compiling the list of his works prepared by the editors after many discussions in several meetings. His vast collection of works for children cannot be compiled in one or two volumes.

Why did Rabindranath get Nobel Prize?

While implementing the editorial decision, we got Rabindranath anew. In addition to writing for adults, he has thought about how much he has written for children, he has written many different types of stories-novels-poems-drama-drama and essays. Chota’s works have been carefully collected after selecting them from Rabindranath’s numerous works. Manuscripts of eight stories collected from Santiniketan. Collected from the Bengali Sahitya Parishad is the copy of ‘Bisarjan’ which Rabindranath himself revised to make it suitable for children’s performances.

The English writings of Rabindranath are collected from the 1919 issues of the Modern Review. Eminent poet and Rabindra-expert Sankha Ghosh has also been consulted on the matter so that the collection becomes child-friendly in every sense. The advice of literary Sunil Gangopadhyay, president of ‘Sahitya Academy’, has also been taken many times. The way Debiprasad Banerjee painstakingly edited this work is incomparable.

Regarding Rabindranath:

The first nature-lessons of childhood are learning by his hands. He also shows the first dream of youth. Invigorated in youth with a strong spirit, Bengali as well as Indian sense of life was developed in his ideal Rabindranath, Rabindranath Tagore beloved of children.

From the end of the 19th century, a new direction of Bengali literature, culture and nationalism was created through the works of Rabindranath. The people of Bengal and the whole of India were disoriented due to the brutal oppression of the foreign regime, the ruler’s strife was also going on in the world of literary culture, and the printing presses were being monitored. In such a difficult time, this Sustain of the Tagore family of Jorasanko raised a storm in his pen, brought the tide to the dead gang of Bengali literary culture. With that stream, Rejuvenation became the Ganges of Bengali literary culture, its flow merged into the ocean of the world.

Throughout his life, Rabindranath created numerous poems, stories, novels, essays, plays, music, ballads, dances, etc., among which he wrote several works for children and teenagers. He also has some writings that are not written directly for children and teenagers but they can read them for their own enrichment. Rabindranath Tagore could absorb all these writings for the first time, getting more familiar with his creations.

What is Rabindranath famous for?

Until today, Rabindra’s writings have been published under the initiative of various organizations, but thinking only of children and teenagers, it can be called a collection of his writings suitable for them, this is the first published under the initiative of Shishu-Kishor Academy, and therefore, while publishing this book, we have to be more responsible in selecting and refining the texts. The editors have lost all their devotion.

Editor-in-Chief Debiprasad Bandyopadhyay has spent a long time adding and subtracting. Prof. Pabitra Sarkar, Manabendra Bandyopadhyay, Nabaneeta Dev Sen and Sumita Chakraborty have kindly helped in drafting the book. Eminent poet and essayist Shankha Ghosh and eminent writer Sunil Gangopadhyay, president of the academy, provided valuable advice and necessary support. The publication of this book was possible with the tireless cooperation of all these meritorious people.

So for readers, writers, researchers, children and enthusiasts, the unique work of renowned Bengali child literature, Chhotoder Rabindra Rachanabali Vol-1 PDF file is provided on this web page. Readers and all can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Chhotoder Rabindra Rachanabali Vol-1 PDF File.

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