Bhashabodh Bangla-Byakaran by Nakuleshwar Bidyabhushan PDF

Bhashabodh Bangla-Byakaran by Nakuleshwar Bidyabhusan bengali book pdf.

Book – Bhashabodh Bangla-Byakaran,
Author – Nakuleshwar Bidyabhushan,
format – PDF,
PDF Size – 8 MB,
Page – 384,

Bhashabodh Bangla-Byakaran written by Nakuleswar Bidyabhusan

Nakuleshwar Bidyabhusan wrote the book Bhashabodh Bangla-Byakaran.

Nakuleshwar Vidyabhushan has written the book Bhashabodh Bangla-Byakaran’. Although there is an abundance of Sanskrit words in the present written Bengali, Bengali is formed in the mold of Sanskrit. The structure of Bengal is very similar to that of Magadhi and Pali. Bengali is a distinct language even though it is rich in words taken from various languages ​​like Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, Arabic, English etc. The author published the book in 1305 BS.

Author Nakuleshwar Vidyabhushan has given a clear analysis of Bengali language in this book. The three main subjects of Bengali grammar are letter variation, verse variation and sentence variation respectively. Word is formed by letters, sentences by words and language by sentences. Emotions are expressed through language. In some places there is only one caste term. He has said a lot about the Bengali alphabet. He has analyzed the nature of pronunciation, analysis of sound theory and various rules in the context of pronunciation rules.

Who is Nakuleshwar Vidyabhushan?

With the spread of Bengali language, many new words adopted from different languages ​​and many compound words of Tanmulak have entered Bengali language. Amlajan, watercraft synonyms have found a place in Bengali scientific texts and Dugdhabhrata, Dugdhabhagini has found a place in Bengali law books. Again, many words have been created in imitation of the opposite words. All these words are not yet commonly used in Bengali grammar. There are a total of 48 letters in Bengali language. Of these, 13 are vowels and 35 are consonants.

Through transformation and conjugation, various transformations of words and non-metals take place. Again the same type of word has different shapes in different senses. Formulas are formulated to accomplish all those transformed terms and those formulas are taught to the students. Just an abuse of power. It is enough to explain that change of form only by appearance. It is for this reason that the author has tried to illustrate the different types of transformations that can take place in the form of different words.

Who wrote the Bhashabodh Bangla-Byakaran?

With the change of language, the change of vocabulary is inviolable. Mentioning the increase of misuse of lawlessness in literature does not bear fruit. It is appropriate for the powerful writers to change the word script immediately by following the norm of what they write. Sister writers do not write in such a way that the language loses discipline. So the language will not be chaotic if their writing is followed. However, it is appropriate to say that there is no misuse of any word, sentence, sentence or ritual where it is not possible to match the martyrs of general or special rules.

The linguistic features of this book have been adopted in many Bengali grammars. The author’s book has been accepted as a textbook in many colleges and universities. Those who want to know about Bengali language in a beautiful way will benefit immensely from reading this book.

Therefore, the PDF file of the answer book is given on this page for the readers. Bengali language researchers, writers and students can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

PDF file of the book ‘Bhashabodh Bangla-Byakaran’.

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