Bharatiya Faujer Itihas by Subodh Ghosh Bengali PDF

Bharatiya Faujer Itihas Documentary Book by Subodh Ghosh PDF.

Book – Bharatiya Faujer Itihas (History of Indian Army),
Book Category – Documentary Books,
Author – Subodh Ghosh,
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Bharatiya Faujer Itihas by Subodh Ghosh

 The Documentary book History of Indian Army PDF.

Author Subodh Ghosh has written the Documentary book Bharatiya Faujer Itihas (History of Indian Army). There is no text in Indian language on the history of the Indian Army. It is in English but does not contain all the details. Moreover, the history of the Indian army has not been properly analyzed. This book chronicles the history of the Indian Army.

There are two main principles that have been followed in composing this history of the Indian Army.

Firstly – Analysis of the nature of British imperialism with the help of many elements of the theory of evolution and evolution of the Indian Army.
The second is to determine the actual pace and nature of the transformation of the Indian Army into the National Army. How the army that was formed as the imperial army of the British has become the ideal national level. In this text, in fact, his explanation, description and analysis have been beautifully presented.

Prior to the publication of this book, the first part of the history of the Indian Army, written by author Subodh Ghosh, was published in a series of articles in the Anandabazar, one of the leading Bengali dailies in India. His notable works are Fossil, Shiulibari, Meenpiyasi, Dui Kishori Dui Premik, Subodh Ghosher Shrestha Galpa, Galpalok, Dashti Upanyas, Subodh Ghosher Rachana Samagra. At the beginning of the negotiations, British rule was present in India at that time.

That is why in the early contexts and chapters of the book, the British rule is mentioned as the current event and the identity of the Indian army given in the chapters is in fact the identity of the Indian army formed in the imperial tradition.

What is notable work of Author Subodh Ghosh?

In the next context and chapter, the identity of the army of independent India has been given. The regret with which the history of the subjugated Indian army began to be written, has at last been somewhat erased by the joy of writing the history of the independent Indian army. In fact, this book has been written to dedicate that joy and the glorious military history of the Indian Army to the students, researchers and above all to the people of the country.

The manner in which the Indian Army conducted its operations in Hyderabad will be considered by historians as an example of the true artificiality of the real liberation forces. The operation is a unique example of how the disintegration of the armed forces of the country can be disrupted in a very short period of time without disturbing the normal life of the people.

Why Author Subodh Ghosh is memorable in Indian History?

The strategy, restraint, efficiency and organizational prowess of the Indian Army in the Hyderabad operation as the Liberation Army is unparalleled in any country’s military history. This expedition became a memorable achievement in the history of the Indian Army.

Analyzing the history of the Indian army, we can say that it is the history of British imperialism. Merchants came to this country to trade, especially English merchants. The millions of raw-headed sacrifices required in the test of hundreds of bloody conflicts to turn the standard of English merchants into the scepter of almost half the world could not be collected from the British Isles.

When Author Subodh Ghosh was joined as a journalist in Anandabazar Patrika?

The sepoys of Hindustan did not have such a large military raw material on any continent of the world. The English merchants understood the value of this raw material. The achievements of the English merchants are truly incomparable. What a great disgrace it is to establish a huge imperial domination by making the people of Hindustan sepoys and first occupying Hindustan and then occupying half of the world’s countries and nations with the help of that army.

Who wrote the Documentary Book Bharatiya Faujer Itihas?

Author Subodh Ghosh in his book Bharatiya Faujer Itihas (History of Indian Army) has beautifully described the various stories of that great notoriety. How the English merchants conquered the whole of India at that time, subjugated everything to themselves.

The PDF file of the book is given on this web page thinking that the book will be considered as a unique book by the readers. Readers, students and researchers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online if you want.

Bharatiya Faujer Itihas PDF.

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