Prithibi-Parichoy by Sudhanshu Patra pdf

Prithibi-Parichoy by Sudhanshu Patra pdf.

Book – Prithibi-Parichoy,
Author – Sudhanshu Patra,
Genre – Bengali Story Book,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 111,
PDF size – 7 MB,

Prithibi-Parichoy written by Sudhanshu Patra

Sudhanshu Patra wrote the story book Prithibi-Parichoy.

The Science-information story book Prithibi-Parichoy is a science based story. This book is written on various aspects of world identity. The author has beautifully described and analyzed all the information based on science. For billions of years in this space, the sun has been circling our Earth at the same speed. Not only in the solar system, but also in the vast universe, it is difficult to find the comparison of the earth.

Scientists estimate that the universe consists of about one thousand billion star worlds or galaxies. They also believe that one star in the world is less than billions of stars. Despite many searches with the help of instruments, they have not been able to discover any planets of thousands of suns. Nevertheless, the scientists’ hypothesis is that it is not impossible for any of the billions of stars constantly orbiting in space to have planets. Perhaps only two stars in the universe have such a rare fortune. And all the rest are single, double or a cluster of more than two stars.

However, scientists do not believe in hypotheses or value any analysis based on hypotheses. To them everything is credible subject to evidence. Yet in this case it has not been found even today by any other recourse than mere conjecture. Scientists have invented many types of telescopes, but they cannot reach far beyond our solar system. They observed only faint images of a few constellations or galaxies.
In this book, the author has beautifully presented the various events of the solar system and the amount of space that the earth occupies in the courtyard of the universe. The earth is like a drop of dew in the ocean.

Who wrote the Science-information story book Prithibi-Parichoy?

Scientists are optimistic. They also think that there may be planets in the universe whose organisms and plants are not as carbon-based as Earth. Carbon or coal is a major component of our Earth’s living and plant bodies. So the organisms and plants here are carbon based. Electrons, electrons and protons are the main constituents of Earth’s particles. The author has discussed this extensively in his book.

Below are the names of the stories mentioned by the author in this world introduction book.

‘Earth’s place in space’, ‘Earth’s origin’, ‘Earth’s structure’, ‘Earth’s size’, ‘Earth’s motion’, gravity, Earth’s gravity, ‘Earth’s seasons’, ‘Earth’s age’, ‘Rocks and soil’, ‘Earth’s Atmosphere’, ‘Earth’s air’, ‘Nitrogen one of the elements of air’, ‘Carbon-dioxide’, ‘Other elements of air’, ‘Earth’s light’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Earth’s water’, Earth’s future etc.

Students can gain special knowledge by reading this “Earth-Introduction” book. It can also be said to be a valuable collection of scientific works for the readers. Moreover, they have no doubt that this ‘Prithibi-Prichaya’ book will be accepted as another science book.

So, thinking about the students and readers, the pdf file of the book ‘Prithibi-Parichay’ is given on this web page. Readers, researchers and students can download the pdf file of this science book from this webpage and read it online.

PDF file of Prithibi-Parichay book.

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