One Nation One Entrance : UGC Plan to Marge NEET and JEE Exam into CUET

One Nation One Entrance : UGC Plan to Marge NEET and JEE Exam into CUET.

One Nation One Entrance - UGC plan to Marge NEET and GEE exam into CUET

Aim to unify all entrance exams – One Nation One Entrance.

The entrance examination for undergraduate level admissions in central universities in India has started from this year. The University Grants Commission (UGC) is planning to introduce Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for admission to Medical and Engineering courses at an all-India level in the coming days. The purpose of this step is to test students on the same knowledge based on an exam.
The aim is to consolidate all these entrance exams so that students are not overburdened and cannot appear in multiple exams based on similar knowledge.

Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC) Hon’ble M Jagdesh Kumar said that the admission of medical and engineering students through CUTE is being planned from next year. At present, all over India Joint Entrance examination (Main) is required for admission to study medicine and engineering. But as per the plan of UGC, instead of All India Joint Entrance examination (Main) entrance, Common University Entrance Test (CUET) was introduced for medical and engineering course.

The new proposal will allow students to sit for one entrance test instead of taking separate tests for biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Their respective scores will play an important role in determining their preferred stream based on their performance. UGC chairman M Jagdesh Kumar said the idea is to free students from the extra stress of appearing in multiple exams.

According to a section of India’s education circles, the scheme is part of the implementation of the Centre’s ‘One Nation One Entrance’ policy. If the exam is conducted in this way, it will be possible for all the candidates in India to answer the same type of questions, because the question mark will be the same in all cases.

Is JEE and NEET going to merge with CUET?

The UGC chairman’s reasoning is that students will only take the CUTE exam instead of taking the three exams of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. You can get admission in general degree college, medical college and engineering college on the basis of that exam marks. However, many are again questioning the acceptability of the exam through CUTE.

Some states including West Bengal, Tamil Nadu have already started opposing the test. So if the NEET and Joint Entrance exams (Main) are cancelled, the problem may increase.

The perception of a section of the education community is that the question paper used in the examination for admission to a general degree course is very different from that of the NEET or Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). In that case, there is a huge gap between the admission of general degree college students and those doing Medical and Engineering, but if it is through the new system, there is a question mark about it.

Therefore, admission to all three categories through one test is never feasible, or should be. It is not possible to properly verify the merit of the students. Meanwhile, some arguments have already started to emerge in various circles such as, The engineering course is a professional course. The tests that are taken to see how much the students are willing to read this course, the analytical ability, sense of reasoning of that student is seen. So there will be a big difference in taking admission like this.

Which is the toughest exam in IIT, JEE and NEET?

It is generally understood that graduates going for general degree courses and those going for medical or engineering cannot be judged by the same examination. Then the students can be taken admission in medicine or engineering only by looking at their 12th class results.

UGC Chairman Hon’ble M Jagdesh Kumar told the press media that there should be a common entrance test for students, but there are multiple opportunities to apply within different disciplines. Also, marks in Physics, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry can be used as a ranking list for engineering and medical candidates.

One Nation One Entrance : University Grants Commission (UGC) Plan to  Marge NEET and JEE Exam into Common University Entrance Test (CUET).

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