Samudrer Chokh by Samarjit Kar PDF

Samudrer Chokh by Samarjit Kar Bengali Story Book PDF.

Book – Samudrer Chokh,
Author – Samarjit Kar,
Genre – Bengali Story Book,
Book Size – 6 MB,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 182,

Samudrer Chokh by Samarjit Kar

Samarjit kar wrote the informative book Samudrer Chokh.

Samudrer Chokh (Eyes of the Sea) is truly an incredible event. Long ten years followed by death. How can a person keep a cool head and do such a cruel thing in front of him, not in his own eyes. Hard to believe. Yes, a whole ocean stood over his head for ten long years. And buried under him, he used every moment to make all the people of the world laugh. What can I say without being crazy, tell me? Because everything seems strange if you don’t see it.

Weird. Totally weird. Perhaps the imagination of a fertile mind. Who would have thought, say, that one would ever bother with that vast area of the Indian Ocean further south of the Nicobar Deep?

where is Bolonga port located?

Bolonga port south of Great Nicobar. If you look at the hundreds of islands in the south of this port, it seems that they are like a whole guard. small island Which one is cool? A small bush grows on someone’s chest. or other plants. An island floats in the ocean during low tide. Again the tide sinks under the water.

All these islands are surrounded by death. The sunken mountains here are like a horror to the sailors. However, fairy tale-like stories began to spread around this region. yes ten years Ten years in a row. The stories were passed down to some intrepid fishermen. First in Bolonga port. From Bolonga the story ballooned all over the Nicobar Islands, the Andamans, and sometimes even in Indian territory.

Who wrote the informative story book Samudrer Chokh?

Most of these fishermen are collectors of marine gems by profession. They used to roam around this area of the Indian Ocean with eagle eyes in their small motor boats. In the urge to collect pearls. For them, the sea is their home. Sea is livelihood. To these reckless fishermen, the sea is like an object of affection like a child.

Who wrote the science book Prithibi Theke Chande (From the Earth to the Moon)?

Stories started pouring in from them one by one. The first story was told by a South Indian sailor. The fifty-year-old sailor was sitting in a small inn at the port of Bolonga, talking excitedly about his own experiences. The evening has just begun. The South Indian fisherman made his appearance just as some of the port workers were rotting in the sweltering heat of the last day of June and the mallas were trying to liven up the event by drinking at the inn.

The name of the man is David. Three men ago their family lived in a village near Vinayagapuram. Their occupation was fishing by dinghy dancing in the Bay of Bengal. Once a plague appeared in the village. A group of Christian missionaries came to save the village from plague. David’s uncle was famous in the village as Sajjan. He also worked with Christian missionaries. Later, fascinated by their practice, he converted to Christianity.

Who has helped the author in choosing the content of the book?

Those fishermen helped the author in various ways in choosing the content of the book. There is no doubt that the book will become a favorite among students and readers. The author has beautifully mentioned many unknown facts and events in this book.

So Samudrer Chokh (Eyes of the Sea) investigative story book PDF file is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Samudrer Chokh (Eyes of the Sea) PDF File.

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