Kishore Bichitra by Hemendra Kr Roy PDF

Kishore Bichitra by Hemendra Kumar Roy Bengali ebook PDF.

Book – Kishore Bichitra,
Author – Hemendra Kumar Roy,
Genre – Child Detective Novel,
Format – PDF,
Pages – 284,
PDF Size – 9 MB,

Kishore Bichitra detective novel by Hemendra Kumar Roy

Hemendra Kumar Roy wrote the Child Detective Novel Kishore Bichitra.

Hemendra Kumar Roy was an Indian Bengali writer and lyricist of Bengali literature. His real name was Prasad Das Roy. He is still unique in the arena of Bengali literature for his outstanding contribution to the early development of the genre of children’s literature in the Bengali language. He made a significant contribution to the early development of Bengali detective fiction through his famous stories ‘Jayanta-Manik’ and adventure ‘Bimal-Kumar’, dealing with the exploits of Jayant, his assistant Manik and police inspector Sundar babu. Ray and Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat translated into Bengali.

Hemendra Kumar Roy has done significant work in various branches of literature including poetry, essays, novels, plays, rhymes, children’s literature, critical literature, science literature, science fiction or science fiction, biography etc. The Detective Omnibus book was warmly received by the Bengali readership.

Author Hemendra Kumar Roy wrote three brilliant detective stories in the child Detective novel, namely – Nrimundu Shikari, Marar Mrityu, Manusher Pratham Adventure etc.

Readers below is the list of some other special books of the author Hemendra Kumar Roy:

Adhunik Robinhood (Modern Robin hood)
Detective Omnibus
Ekhon Jader Dekhchi (Whom I see now)
Goenda, Bhoot O Manush,
King Kong,
Krishna Yatra,
Kal Boishakhi,
Padmarag Buddha (Lotus Buddha),
Premer Premara (The Lovers – Drama),
Nilsayorer Achinpure In Achinpure of Nilsayor
Nabo Jouboner Kunjabane (In the Kunjaban of youth

Why Author Hemendra Kumar Roy is famous in Bengali literature?

Kishore Bichitra is a Child Detective novel written by author Hemendra Kumar Roy. This famous child Detective novel is based on an incident in Kolkata city. Detectives, Jayanta and Manik investigate the events of this Detective novel. They have repeatedly been surprisingly successful in espionage. Considered to be a famous person in Calcutta, he gained fame for his success in intelligence in various ways and was invited to various places. In one such incident, they went to eat at Bagbazar. Manik Babu lives in Park Street.

Author Hemendra kumar Roy has beautifully presented this great detective novel to the readers. There is no doubt that the readers will be overwhelmed to read it. Each episode contains exciting events.

Readers can collect Kishore Bichitra detective novel of Hemendra Kumar Roy pdf file from this webpage.

Kishore Bichitra Detective Novel PDF File

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