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Manush Chittaranjan Biographical Book by Aparna Debi Bengali PDF. 

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Manush Chittaranjan Written by Aparna Debi

Writer Aparna Debi wrote the biographical book Manush Chittaranjan.

Author Aparna Debi wrote this book to fulfill her husband’s unfulfilled desire. Writer Aparna Devi wrote the book ‘Manush Chittaranjan’ on the life of her father Chittaranjan. In this book, he has presented the opportunity he got to see and understand his father as a human being, which he took to heart as truth.

About Chittaranjan Das:

Where was Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das born and who was this Chittaranjan Das? Let us talk about him today.

Chittaranjan Das was an ordinary Bengali lawyer, politician, poet, writer and above all a freedom fighter. Swaraj Party was created by his hands. He gained special fame as a lawyer and earned a lot by advocating as a lawyer. But he gave away most of his wealth among the needy people.

He was born on 5th November 1870 in his ancestral home in Telirbagh village of Bikrampur in present Dhaka district of Bangladesh. Father’s name was Bhuban Mohan Das, mother’s name was Nistarini Devi. His father Bhuban Mohan Das was a Solicitor of Calcutta High Court. He started his education at Bhabanipur London Missionary School. He passed BA from Presidency College in 1890. In 1894, he was appointed as a barrister of Calcutta High Court. The trial of Arvinda Ghosh in 1908 brought him to the forefront of the professional stage. He defended the defense in the case with such skill that Arvind was eventually acquitted.

Which freedom fighter was defended by Chittaranjan Das?

He was skilled in both civil and criminal law. He not only became famous as a lawyer but also as a writer he became very popular with the people. His poems like ‘Antharyami’, ‘Mala’, ‘Sagar Sangeet’ became very popular among the people at that time.

Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das left this world on 16 June 1925. He was then in Darjeeling. He died suddenly on this day after suffering from fever for a few days. At that time Gandhiji came to East Bengal. But he left all work and went to Calcutta. Chittaranjan’s body is coming to Kolkata by Darjeeling mail. This news spread all around in Calcutta, countless people came out. As soon as the Darjeeling Mail reached Sealdah Station, only Bandemataram sounds were heard all around. Gandhiji in a low voice asked everyone to calm down. Sealdah station was crowded then. More than 2 lakh people on his final journey.

Which movement is associated with Chittaranjan Das?

He earned the respect and love of all Hindus and Muslims due to his liberal doctrine and love for the country, and for his liberal doctrine, people awarded him as a patriot.

Chittaranjan Das is better known to us as Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das. He was very close to the countrymen and a man of life. He understood the suffering of the countrymen as his own and tried his best to remedy that suffering. He has become destitute by always giving his all. Chittaranjan Das was born in a situation where national consciousness, values ​​of independence, with all the environmental influences started to awaken in the hearts of the nation mainly under the foreign rulers English.

Who is famous as Deshbandhu?

Many may not know about the life of politician, lawyer, freedom fighter, writer and poet Chittaranjan Das. He was very dear and close to his countrymen. Respect and love for countrymen earned Chittaranjan Das the title of Deshbandhu.

Almost 28 years after the death of her father, the author has painted this epic biography to fulfill her unfulfilled wish. Chittaranjan as a person was a great idealist great patriot. He has manifested that form which has not blossomed in his other careers. In his entire life, religion, literature, law, politics, patriotism and above all, the love of humanity were so closely connected with each other and the human form that emerged above all, the author has discussed in this book.

Who was Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das?

Today’s life is war-weary, insulted by injustice, when he feels deep pain looking at the people who have lost their ideals due to lack of guidance, then the words of his father God come to mind again and again.

A person who can freely give away most of his life’s wealth to poor people. To Hridishita Rishikesh who surrendered Karma. In purity he attained Nirvana to Buddhahood. Trinadapi Suniche who was supremely powerful. One who is victorious in eloquence and one who is eternally brilliant in sharp intellect. Inspired by Bankimchandra’s Matrimantra, he devoted himself to the great yajna of breaking the chains of the motherland. He who ran with self-sacrifice ‘with outstretched arms’ on the path shown by Sri Chaitanya, has only tried to embody that great life in Chari. The hard work of the author will impress the readers.

Who is famous as ‘Desbandhu’?

The first chapter of Chittaranjan’s life begins with his maternal love and devotion. This immense devotion, respect and love for his own mother developed towards his motherland.
If the book ‘Manush Chittaranjan’ inspires the future children of the country in the sweet and charming ideal of that great humanity, then the author’s writing will be blessed, the author feels. After the death of his father in 1925, the author got a lot of help from Bangabani, Bharatbarsha, Basumati and Deshbandhu publications in writing this book.

The then Governor of West Bengal Hon’ble Doctor Harendranath Mukhopadhyay helped the author by providing numerous photographs of Chittaranjan Das. Although he could not give all the pictures in his version.

The PDF file of the biographical book of one such personality who made India proud is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can download the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

PDF file of Manush Chittaranjan biographical book.

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