Bangalir Itihas (Aadi Parba) by Nihar Ranjan Roy PDF

Bangalir Itihas Aadi Parba by Nihar Ranjan Roy PDF

Book Name – Bangalir Itihas – Aadi Parba (History of Bengalis – Early Period)
Author – Professor Nihar Ranjan Roy,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 32 MB,
Book Page – 876,

Bangalir Itihas Aadi Parba by Nihar Ranjan Roy

Bangalir Itihas – Aadi Parba Historical Books was written by Niharranjan Ray PDF.

Bangalir Itihas Adiparba (History of Bengalis – Ancient Period) has written by Nihar Ranjan Roy. The book A History of Bengali’s – The Early Period is a book on the ancient history of Bengal and the culmination of the study of Bengali history has taken place in this book. The variety of content, the breadth of the discussion and the depth of the country is unmatched by any other book. Knowledge expeditions of foreign thinkers like Wilkins Johns, Colebrook etc., ‘Inspiration of Rabindranath Tagore-Bankimchandra, research of Rajendralal-Harprasad Shastri and the result of the efforts of writers and researchers like Akshay Kumar Baral, Rakhaldas Bandopadhyay and Ramesh Chandra – A perfect result has been achieved in the author’s book History of Bengalis. In fact, this great book marks the end of an epoch in the history of Bengali archeology and the beginning of another epoch.

The last half of the twentieth century was the era of archeology in Bengal. And its next half will be the father of the study of history, so the place of the Bengali history book is at the juncture of two eras. No matter what status Niharranjan Roy may have attained as the last complete circle, he will always be remembered as the first historian of ancient Bengal. Like the archaeologist, he did not shy away from simply describing the sequence of events that led to the insertion of information, he also tried to determine the significance of each piece of information and event. Tried to establish causal relationship between different information and events. This is the difference between history and history and this is the special glory of the book Bangalir Itihas – Aadi Parba (History of Bengali People – Ancient Period).
The Bangalir Itihas – Aadi Parba book is no less than any other book in inspiring and activating the newly awakened historical consciousness of the Bengalis so the mind of this newly conscious Bengali will give the author the opportunity to publish new editions of Bengali history again and again.
The history of Bengali was first published in 1949. The Literacy Edition of 1980 has not yet been a complete version of the Bengali history of Adiparba. The Bengali history book will be considered as an invaluable book for the Bengalis as the author has collected various important information in different ways over the years. And inserted in this text. He has collected all the information and materials from the little known and discussed material in the scholarly community. Moreover, he has presented the history of ancient Bengal and the history of ancient Bengalis to the Bengali reader through a new perspective on the new causal argument. There is no doubt that this book has paved a new path and set a new standard in the discussion of the history of our country. If later researchers did not work on this book as a basis, it would not be possible to expand our knowledge of our own history.

Apart from history, it is a unique book in terms of language and literature as well as in the entire Bengali language and literature. No one has ever written a book written in such a complete, so scholarly and scientific way, not only in the field of history but also in the field of literary writing. Not only in its form, but also in its branch, not in subject selection, the author’s unwavering devotion and respect for multiple methods, innumerable in-depth knowledge, vivid features of vision, subtle insight, high level of objective imagination and above all the power of independent thinking established in truth. Has established a unique seat. Such a successful endeavor is an invaluable example in Indian language and literature.
In this book, Professor Nihar Ranjan Roy has beautifully analyzed the social life, religion, culture and nature of Bengalis. What was the condition of the Bengalis? How are the Bengalis in Bengal? What are some of the nations that have merged with the Bengalis? Attempts have been made in this text to understand and explain by reasoning. In this case, the attempt of the writer Niharranjan Roy has achieved remarkable success. Only those who have historical research experience can understand what infinite patience, what tireless hard work, what devotion and respect, what elegant yet subtle feeling and growth is required in this hard work. It is very difficult for a person to write such a book alone and it is even more difficult to achieve it. In that case, the writer Nihar Ranjan Roy has achieved great success in his pursuit.

In the last chapter of this book, Niharranjan Roy has tried to capture and understand the basic and deep character of Bengali life in the whole way of the ancient life flow. Therefore, this invaluable book will be more accepted in the Bengali Peoples mind and will be accepted as the main letter of research for those who are doing research on Bengali Peoples life practice.

So the PDF file of the book is highlighted on this web page. Readers-researchers and Bengalis and students can easily collect from this page and read online.

Bangalir Itihas (Adi parba) PDF

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