Bangalir Itihas by Subhash Mukhopadhyay Bengali PDF

Bangalir Itihas by Subhash Mukhopadhyay PDF.

Name of Book – Bangalir Itihas (History of Bengalis),
Author – Subhash Mukhopadhyay,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 208,
Book Size – 7 MB,

Bangalir Itihas written by Subhash Mukhopadhyay PDF.

Author Subhash Mukhopadhyay has written the book Bangalir Itihas (History of Bengalis).
Author Subhash Mukhopadhyay has written this book by collecting information from the book History of Bengalis – Adiparba written by the author Dr. Nihar Ranjan Roy. The beginning of the first chapter of this book has been completely rewritten. It was needed in the new information and explanations that have already been disseminated in the Pandit society. Some archeological discoveries and their results have already been used in this edition.
This book will be considered as an invaluable book for the readers who are passionate about the history of Bengali life and the history of Bengalis and those who are doing research on Bengali life. Author Nihar Ranjan Roy says about this book, it is another brilliant book. History of Bengali Life In this book many new information has been brought. Therefore, this book is a history of rich Bengalis, which no one else has been able to present so much about the evolution and biography of rich Bengalis.
In India, the influence of their language and civilization did not come directly through the Dravidian speakers, but more through the Aryan speakers. As much as the Aryan-speaking people assimilated the language and real civilization of the Dravidian-speaking people, with the Aryanization they transmitted much of it to Bengal. Today we mistakenly call it the gift of Aryan speakers. However, it seems that the Bengalis have a passion for fresh and dried fish, skills in pottery and other handicrafts, many geometric designs and plans of art, as much as their habits and development of urban civilization have got a lot of luxuries, improved farming practices in irrigation etc.

There is no way to guess what the real civilization of the Alpo-Dinar non-Vedic Aryans was today. The actual civilization of the Vedic Aryans was at a very early stage. They lived in huts made of straw, bamboo, or herbs, or in tents made of animal skins. After abandoning the nomadic nature and settling in this country, they came in contact with the former Austronesian and Dravidian speakers and first became acquainted with agriculture or rural civilization and later with urban civilization. Gradually they took these two civilizations as their own and built a new civilization. Aryan language is their vehicle. The Austronesian-speaking Indigenous Australians were very simple and innocent people. There was some lack of conflict between them. They easily surrendered to others and surrendered. The nature of the present Shabar or Santal Bhumij or Munda etc. is somewhat imaginative irresponsible, lazy and thoughtful.
The Aryan-speaking people were very strong, hardworking, imaginative, disciplined, strongly organized, appreciative but self-absorbed, somewhat backward in real civilization but eager to adopt new things. Author Subhash Mukherjee has beautifully discussed the history of Bengali life in this book. Once upon a time, Bangadesh or Bangladesh was surrounded by Assam Sea Himachal. He has discussed extensively about where the Bengali name came from. He has given specific information about the borders of Bengal, rivers, topography, water, air, etc.

Therefore, the book will be very acceptable to the readers and those who are doing research on Bengali life, will be very acceptable to them.

That is why the PDF file of the Bengali history book is given on this web page. Readers, researchers and students can easily collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online if you want.

PDF file of the book Bangalir Itihas

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