Suggestions for Good Mental Health

Suggestions for Good Mental Health : What is Mental Health?

Suggestions for Good Mental Health - booksmets

What is mental and emotional health?

One of the most important purpose of studying mental health is understand one’s own self. We can plan healthy behavior patterns that lead to health and happiness rather than to illness. Knowledge of psychodynamics helps a lot in taking such decisions.

Given below are some suggestions for good Mental Health

These may not help a person if internal and external pressures and conflicts are already overwhelming, they even help a normal person in checking is behavior patterns.

Which mental and emotional health of the pupils depends?
  1. Good Physical Health : A sound body is said to possess a sound mind. Therefore children should be helped in maintaining good physical health. The School personnel should provide such facilities and knowledge as to help the children to lead a healthy physical and social life and learn good health habits.

  2. Social Relations : Man is a social animal. He cannot live alone; so he must develop healthy relationship. A normal man is one who keeps both superficial and deeply involved intimate contacts.

  3. Develop Confidence : each person should have at least one other person in home confides his secret and problems. One may have hundreds of friends but still one close,intimate confident person is needed. Studies have proved that lack of ability to find such a personas neurotic.

How can physical mental health be improved?
  1. Too much or to little time : A normal healthy person maintains a balance between the time he spends with other people or all alone in private work or thoughts. Neurotic will select one of the extremes “too much of social activity or two little”. Over participation in social life will lead a person in the trap of not having personal life or identity at all. Equally serious is the problem by withdrawing from social life. In schizophrenia and outstanding symptom in social withdrawal. To be normal person, each person should adopt a balanced course between social withdrawal and social over-participation.

  2. Insight : A normal person must evaluate critically h behavior have inside into actions and have a level check on reality and abnormal person fails to do so the neurotic individual text himself to seriously. He lacks a sense of perspective and a sense of humour. His frustration and agony are expressed.

What are the ways to improve mental health?
  1. Personal worth : A feeling of self-esteem is important in mental health. A person must consider himself as a person of worth. Feelings of inferiority and insecurity are of typical neurotics. Such feeling block the development of self-esteem.

  2. Philosophy of Life : Each individual has a philosophy of life. Though most people are unaware about their philosophy of life yet they do have it. These are alive for some purpose.

What are the ways that physical activity can improve your mental health?
  1. The Future of Normality : Our age is no more the “Age of Anxiety” than other ages have been. It is a part of being human to have problems in adjusting to the demands of one’s society. The study of mental health may not enable one to eliminate all such problems, but it will help to reduce them to a minimum. You may know more about mental health from world health organization (WHO).

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