Bichitrabadhu – Rahasya by Rabindranath Tagore Hindi Novel

Bichitrabadhu – Rahasya by Rabindranath Tagore Hindi Novel PDF.

Book – Bichitrabadhu – Rahasya (विचित्रवधू -रहस्य),
Bengali Novel – Bou Thakuranir Haat,
Author – Rabindranath Tagore,
Translator – Janardan Jha,(अनुवादक – श्रीजनादेन भा),
Genre – Hindi Novel,
Language – Hindi,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 7 MB,

Bichitrabadhu Rahasya by Rabindranath Tagore Hindi Novel

Bichitrabadhu – Rahasya hindi novel, i.e. Hindi translation of “Bau Thakuranir Haat” written by famous Bengali writer Sri Rabindranath Tagore. It was Translated by Janardan Jha.

The Hindi translation of the Bengali novel Bou Thakuranir Haat, written by the impressive pen of Shri Rabindranath Tagore, has been printed. Its name in Hindi is Bichitrabadhu – Rahasya. The novels written by Rabindranath Tagore have a great reputation in Bengali literature. Hope Hindi people will also read your social novel with interest and will be happy.

Who is known as modern Hindi literature?

It is not unknown to anyone that in the second half of the present century his poetic glory became a subject of debate in Europe and in the third half in this country. Several modern poets and poetry critics have raised some of Rabindranath’s objections, sometimes in clear words, sometimes in hints, and sometimes in silent expressions. The author has expressed minor disagreements with prominent literary figures.

Who wrote the famous novel BichitraBadhu Rahasya?

Whether there are clear signs of progress in the history of poetry can be argued by those who say that the Rigveda Samhita later wrote the Bhaktarasha flavor of Kavya sadhana. If there is any room for doubt, the learned critic, relying on pure poetical judgement, has come to the conclusion that no later poet can attain the highest level of excellence to which Valmiki, Homer, Vyasa etc. raised the poetic work two and a half thousand years ago. Not even today. But although the progress of poetry is limited, its speed is undeniable.

Which is the first story of Hindi literature?

The appearance of Rabindranath Tagore in the history of Bengali poetry is also a breakthrough. Despite the fact that he was the initiator of a new mood and style in Bengali poetry, Rabindranath has made Bengali poetry reach such heights in his single endeavor, the reach of which is unimaginable for other poets. Anuj poets realized that no matter what they find on the road, they will not find the melody in their own voice.

Who is the father of Hindi Novel in India?

The author has given an excellent discussion on modernism and Rabindranath Tagore in this book, which will greatly attract the readership. So thinking about the readers, the PDF file of the book is given on this webpage. The readers can collect the PDF file of the hindi novel book Bichitrabadhu – Rahasya from this web page and can read it online.

Bichitrabadhu – Rahasya PDF File.

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